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Spring Discoveries Along The River

At New River Trail State Park when the days grow longer, the sun begins to warm the earth, the birds start singing their songs, it is then we know that spring has arrived.

The arrival of spring brings forth new life, the grasses begin to green, trees blossom and flowers start ascending towards the sky.     

 Wild Flowers at New RIver Trail State

You will love this time of the year at our park of the month for May New River Trail State Park, when winter's gray gets washed away, all the sweet smells of spring fill the air. Trickling steams, running rivers and tranquil lakes begin to warm bringing with it new life as well.

       Wild Flowers at New River Trail State Park

New River Trail State Park is a 57 mile linear trail, which stretches through two towns, one city and four counties. Change in elevation brings with it new plant communities, to include trees, flowers and grasses. Each community has their own unique places they call home, from the leaf littered forest floor, to damp moist areas, and rocky outcroppings.

       Wild Flowers at New River Trail State Park

Exploration of the 57 mile trail highlights these different plant communities, with new and exciting discoveries around every bend. Take only photos and leave foot prints, journals and field guides are a great companion when exploring the natural world. Having trouble identifying the different trees, plants and flowers?

The gift shop at Foster Falls has the parks best resource for indentifying your discoveries. Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Friday-Sunday 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. May-September.

      Wild Flowers of New River Trail State Park                                            

Forged by mountains, river, and America’s desire for progress, the 57-mile New River Trail State Park provides you unparalleled opportunities for physical, intellectual, and spiritual adventures.

       River View from lower launch

For more information on New River Trail State Park visit our website here, or please call (276) 699-6778 or email here. For all reservations please call 1-800-933-7275.

Published: 05/13/2014

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