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Conquer The Avalanche: Win A Virginia State Park Cabin Stay!

People have been venturing out to the Green Bay Virginia area in pursuit of many challenging activities for years.  Many of our visitors at Twin Lakes State Park and the surrounding area spend their leisure time in pursuit of a trophy buck, a prize spring gobbler or perhaps the behemoth bass that lurk in Prince Edward Lake.  A few of our visitors are even visiting looking for the mythical and elusive Sasquatch that reportedly inhabit the area.  However there is one elusive creature that has escaped more would-be conquers than all of the above combined.  Enter the Avalanche. 

   Twin Lakes State Park- Home of the Avalanche

In May 2004, the Avalanche appeared on Twin Lakes State Parks 50’s themed snack bar, The SPOT’s menu.  Its arrival went relatively unnoticed those first few weeks of the summer, however, when the first taker of the Avalanche Challenge retired without even finishing one third of the dish, its reputation was born, and becoming an Avalanche Survivor became one of the most prestigious titles that can be bestowed upon any Twin Lakes State Park visitor.

The Avalanche is an ice cream sundae; ice cream, toppings whipped cream and a few cherries.  Sounds refreshing right?  You are probably reading this right now, thinking how delightful it would be to have and ice cream sundae.  But be sure to bring your appetite, and maybe a friend or two if you plan on tackling the Avalanche though. You see, the Avalanche is so named because it resembles the aftermath of the collapse of a snow covered mountain, both in size and in mass! 

 A single avalanche consists of:

  • 16 scoops of hand dipped ice cream 
  • One Cup of dry toppings such as Oreo crumbles, Reese’s Cup crumbles or M and M’s
  • One Cup of liquid toppings such as hot fudge, caramel or a selection of candied fruit
  • One half CAN of whipped cream (That is almost enough to fill a gallon container!)
  • One dozen candied maraschino cherries.

When you put all of that together, an Avalanche weighs in at around 6.5 POUNDS of frozen delight! 

Conquer the Avalanche at Twin Lakes State Park!

However fear not, a single Avalanche can supply and entire birthday party with their ice cream needs, and can be a lovely dessert to share with your friends and family.  However for the true adventurer, and to become an Avalanche Survivor, one must take the Avalanche Challenge.

There is not much to the Avalanche Challenge.  Get an Avalanche, eat it, by yourself, in an hour or less and you win. Sounds easy right?  Just be forewarned that in the 10 years that Twin Lakes State Park has offered the avalanche that less than two dozen people have successfully completed the challenge!

The rewards for successfully completing the Avalanche Challenge are vast and many.  Besides owning bragging rights all over the entire park, you receive your Avalanche for FREE!!  You also are awarded an Avalanche Survivor T-shirt, and your photo will grace the Avalanche Survivors’ Wall of Fame for all eternity!!! 

Cabins at Twin Lakes State Park

Cabins at TwinLlakes State Park

Cabin 5 living room at Twin Lakes State Park

Cabin 3 kitchen at Twin Lakes State Park

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Avalanche, we have something special planned.  For the 2014 season only, any Avalanche Survivor between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day will be automatically entered into a drawing for a two night cabin stay at a Virginia State Park of their choice (non- prime season).

So practice up on your eating skills, and be sure to give the Avalanche a try this summer.  If an Avalanche just seems too overwhelming, don’t worry, The SPOT offers many tamer ice cream treats, traditional snack bar fare, and an impressive gift shop, all located on the banks of the only public good old fashioned swimming hole in Prince Edward County.

Learn more about Twin Lakes State Park here.  Reserve a campsite or cabin online here or call 1-800-933-7275!

Published: 06/04/2014

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