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As It Once Was

Standing here trying to imagine this space as it once was, you can’t help but to think of the hard labor, intense heat, and processes necessary in producing pig iron.

In 1883, iron production at Foster Falls, VA began with construction of a blast furnace; by 1900 the furnace could produce up to 12 tons of pig iron per day.  The production of iron required the company to employ up to 300 people in various facets of the operations.

Foster Falls Furnace late 1800's

For these employees, it meant income for food and shelter for their families. One wonders, if they understood that one day their jobs would mean so much more? Do you think they realized they were at the beginning of the American Industrial Revolution? Do you think they could grasp their impact on the future? Do you think they knew this site would be preserved for future generations? 

At New River Trail State Park, the story continues with installation of new site specific interpretive signage. These signs are designed to connect the visitor to the parks natural, cultural, and historical resources. The Foster Falls Furnace signs were the first to be installed; more signage is to come to tell story “as it once was.”

New Signage Installed 01/09/2014

The New River Trail State Park is located at 176 Orphanage Drive, Foster Falls Virginia 24360. You can contact the park by email or phone 276-699-6778.

Published: 01/17/2014

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