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Vote for your favorite Virginia State Park

Help one of our parks win $100,000 from Coke!

Vote for Twin Lakes or any of our 35 Virginia State Parks
Vote for Twin Lakes or any of our 35 Virginia State Parks

Coca-Cola is calling people out to their favorite park to vote this summer in the third-annual America Is Your Park campaign. Your vote can help your favorite park win the title of "America's Favorite Park" and a $100,000 recreation grant from Coca-Cola. This is a wonderful promotion coordinated in conjunction with America's State Parks, the National Park Trust, and the National Recreation and Park Association.

$100,000 would make a big impact at any of our parks and it would be used to the benefit of our park users. So please vote for any or all of of our Virginia State Parks. We have been assured that if there are multiple listings for parks the votes will be combined.

It's easy to vote and you can vote as often as you want. Click this link. It will take you to Facebook to vote but you do not need to have a Facebook account or login in order to vote. Just in case you need special help voting, detailed instructions are below.

Click"Online" as shown circled in red on the screen shot above.

Type the name of the park (shown by red circle on left)
and click GO (shown by red circle on the right).

Be sure and type the whole park name ("state park" is not necessary). In the example above if you only type "Bear Creek" Bear Creek Lake will not show up.
Click the park you want from any that appear in the list. Be sure it is the right park since there may be parks with the same name in other states.

A pop up will appear on the map (shown in the red circle above).
Click the VOTE FOR THIS PARK button.

Type the text to match the box, be sure and check the box and
then click VOTE FOR THIS PARK.

It will then take you to a screen where you can click the "vote again" button and the park you just voted for will already be selected and ready to go.

If you use Foursquare, a geo-location social media site, when you check in to one of our parks, we get 100 votes! You have to link your Foursquare account to the promotion. From the first screen, you click on FOURSQUARE CHECK IN and it will walk you through the steps to do that. Be sure to Follow Virginia State Parks on Foursquare too.



Published: 05/26/2012

nancy, thank you so much for giving this contest some publicity! a group of very dedicated voters is trying to get at least ONE park into the top 25 - MASON NECK - and if we can just come up with a bloc of virginia park lovers who are willing to commit to voting 1/2 hour a day, we can get MN into the top 3. georgia and texas voters are very organized, but there's still plenty of time to make a run at them! Mason Neck is currently fighting for 7th place - PLEASE help us get at least one VA park in the money!
- shawn richmond, 05/31/2012


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