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Virginia State Parks

A Doggone Fun Time at Virginia State Parks!

A few of my rowdy friends got together and we decided to let y'all know that dogs love Virginia State Parks!

We want to tell you to take us along, we want you to know that we have a doggone fun time at Virginia State Parks, listen to what they say:

Dogs love Virginia State Parks!

Read my lips "Take us to a Virginia State Park!"

Dogs love Virginia State Parks!

Dogs are all about fun outside

Dogs love Virginia State Parks!

Just smile! I told him not to wear that shirt, but he never listens

Dogs love Virginia State Parks

Seriously, you want me to fetch? I can do that with one paw tied behind my back

Dogs love Virginia State Parks!

We get to make new friends

Dogs love Virginia State Parks!

Water dogs, land dogs, we're all dogs

Dogs love Virginia State Parks!

Go ahead and tucker us out, we can handle it!

Dogs love Virginia State Parks!

A little gray shows we are wise, and wise owners go to Virginia State Parks!

Dogs love Virginia State Parks!

We both had the same idea, isn't that funny!

Dogs love Virginia State Parks

We love all sorts of trails, we will go where all the smells are

Dogs love Virginia State Parks

Takin' care of business

Dogs love Virginia State Parks!

Made in the shade is a dog's calling in life

Dogs love Virginia State Parks!

Do we have your attention yet?

Dogs love Virginia State Parks!

We are eager to go, just say the word "GO!" and we will be ready to go!

A few housekeeping items for your family to consider:

1) We are allowed and welcome at Virginia State Parks, they have even built trails for us to walk and run on. Keeping us on a leash is their only requirement.

2) We are allowed to stay in the cabins for just $10 per dog per night fee (except the Yurt at Kiptopeke, which is fine, we don't really need to stay in a Yurt). Camping: dogs are allowed at all overnight camping facilities (access restricted at False Cape), $5 per dog per night plus tax to a maximum of $15 plus tax per reservation.

3) We are well behaved and love to show you the highlights of the park. Bring us along and it is like getting a private tour guide for free!

4) We encourage you to get outside, to exercise and to enjoy nature!

5) We love what you love, biking, canoeing, wandering around the water's edge.

6) We are ATD's (all terrain dogs) we will love any state park you choose, so just choose one and let's go...from First Landing State Park on the Chesapeake Bay to Natural Tunnel State Park with rivers and creeks to explore in the Appalachians...we ask that you clean up after us since we don't have thumbs, or we would do it ourselves.

7) We are tail waggin' happy to go overnight, or just for the day. We will love you either way, just bring us plenty of water or a place to get it from, and a cool spot in the shade to relax and take in all the sights, sounds and groovy smells!

Here is a map of all 35 Virginia State Parks, we don't care which one you choose, you are doing all the driving! Do you want me to go and jingle the car keys to get you ready?  Remember:


Published: 05/10/2012

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