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The Walk

Whenever we go to Virginia State Parks part of the fun of being there, and not here, is a casual sunrise or sunset walk around the campground or cabin loop. Sure we love the hiking, biking, kayaking and exploring - - but sometimes just a nice walk at a leisurely pace seems to be in order!

Staunton River State Park Cabin loop

A brisk morning walk is a great way to start the day!

The cabin loop at Staunton River State Park

These paved cabin and campground loop roads are great for bikes too

I don't want to point any fingers, but my husband always has to be geared up for a major hike or bike ride, to the point our girls do not want to go for a casual bike ride with Dad anymore. He wants them to compete, to ride hard, to race (and this is even before breakfast!)

Sometimes you just need to take things slow...

If you are interested in visiting Staunton River State Park, let me tell you a little bit more about it. I say it often enough, word of mouth is how I have always picked which parks to visit, I see photos and information and am eager to add them to my list! 

Some info on Staunton River State Park:

When you visit the Staunton River you also get The Dan. Yes, this is a sunset on the Dan River! You see, wander on out to the point and you will find where the Dan River and Staunton River intersect. It is a great beach to walk, picnic, fish or even take some neat sunset photos like this one:

Sunset on the Dan River at Staunton River State Park

Sunset on the Dan

Besides the river to kayak, canoe, fish and enjoy there is also a large swimming pool for the whole family, and outside the pool, playground and visitor center is a large grassy field, perfect for kicking the ball or flying a kite! Check in the gift shop for other fun items, that is where we bought this kite!

Putting the kite together we purchased at the state park gift shop

Putting the kite together we bought at the park gift shop

I am not as patient as my family to fly a kite - Junie B

I am not as patient as my family to fly a kite. -Junie B

Flying a kite at Staunton River State Park

The kite has left the ground

Fun for everyone at Staunton River State Park

Fun for everyone, we all had fun with this kite!

Staunton River State Park has shaded campgrounds, rustic cabins, picturesque picnic shelters, well-maintained nature trails, and plenty of exciting outdoor opportunities for the whole family make Staunton River State Park the perfect place for your vacation. Click here for a Google map.

Drive time: Northern Virginia, three and a half hours; Richmond, two hours; Tidewater/Norfolk/Virginia Beach, three hours; Roanoke, two hours.

Staunton River State Park, 1170 Staunton Trail, Scottsburg, Va. 24589-9636 For reservations call 1-800-933-PARK or you can book your camp-spot or cabin online here. View more photos from this state park here on Flickr.

We hope to see you outside at your favorite Virginia State Park soon!

Published: 05/06/2012

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