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Crazy About Kayaking

A recent Sunday morning kayak trip reminded me of why this is such a special sport for me. 

As I launched from the West Point boat launch, a couple fishing boats headed towards the Bay, I headed up river to the quieter marshes. One of the things I enjoy so much about kayaking is that you are so close to the water, you feel closer to nature. It is also such an easy sport once you get the strokes down. 

On this trip I got to see two mature bald eagles, several osprey, great blue herons along the marsh and numerous waterfowl, some of which I silently coasted to within feet of before they took flight. 

Kayaking is a special experience at Virginia State Parks

Kayaking is a special experience at Virginia State Parks

As an American Canoe Association Instructor, in the coming weeks I will be conducting both canoe and kayak trainings at York River, Westmoreland and Bear Creek Lake State Parks, along with Northwest River Park in Chesapeake. I will even be taking a new certification course with several of my fellow instructors for Adaptive Paddling so we can expend our offerings at Virginia State Parks

It was a great morning and the 4 miles was a start to working up my endurance to the 12 miles I will need to do for the New River Trail Challenge triathlon on September 15th.   

Published: 04/08/2012

I love kayaking. I got into it to get into wild places, and it works. On a trail, you are on a man-made intrusion into the wild. In a kayak, you are in nature. Animals are much less shy. It is so easy, I don't like to call it a sport, but I am talking about flat water. I may be missing some of what I should know. What would I learn in a class?
- Lindon Durvin, 04/09/2012
In the American Canoe Association courses for kayaking, a lot of the information is on proper strokes, safety, rescue and preparation for trips. Some of this information is on YouTube, just look up ACA. If you want a nice trip go to York River State Park where I was last Friday and take Taskinas Creek up river at high tide. The environment goes from salt water to fresh. It was a great trip and I saw lots of bald eagles, osprey and other wildlife.
- Tom Cervenak, 04/09/2012


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