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What Was Missing at Staunton River State Park's Cabins?

Staunton River State Park has had cabins for a long time. In fact, this year will mark the seventy-sixth year of the cabins being open. However, they’ve always been missing something.

Cozy cabins at Staunton River State Park

Cozy cabins at Staunton River State Park

Cabin 1 at Staunton River State Park

Waterview cabins at Staunton River State Park

It’s hard to put your finger on just what could possibly be missing from these quaint cabins. It’s not your basic amenities like bathrooms or electricity. It’s not great amenities like central heat and air, all of your basic kitchen utensils, pots and pans, and linen either. It’s certainly not missing an awesome view from the deck. Nope, none of those things are missing…

So I’m sure that now you’re just wracking your brain! What could these fabulous cabins be missing? It’s a small point when you look at all that you get with your cabin rental. Once I point it out, though, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! It’s that personal connection with your outdoor experience.

You come to a state park to get away from your life, to take a break from your busy world, and to get back in touch with your family and nature. Tucked into your sweet little cabin with all of its great amenities, it’s easy to overlook this facet of the state park experience. Well this is no longer a problem!

Our newest additions to these fabulous little cabins are low impact picnic pads. “Picnic pads?” you might be asking. We have added a low impact picnic pad to each cabin. Each cabin now has a picnic table, lantern post, and grill/fire ring.

Newly constructed picnic pads at Staunton River State Park Cabin

 Newly constructed picnic pad complete with fire ring at Cabin 1

Newly constructed picnic pad with fire ring at Cabin 5

Newly constructed picnic pad with fire ring at Cabin 5

Now you and your family can cookout and enjoy the outdoors and still return to the luxury of the indoors after you’re done. The kids can gather around the fire and toast marshmallows and make S’mores.  It makes these sweet little cabins perfect. You can really get back to nature and experience the great outdoors without sacrificing your running water and electricity. You also don’t have to own a camper to do it!

So come on down to Staunton River State Park soon. Rent a cabin, escape from the stress of life, and enjoy the picnic pads. You’ll be glad that you did and we’ll be happy to have you!

OVERNIGHT FACILITIES: Cabins and camping. For information on availability of overnight accommodations, particular park amenities or to make a reservation, you can reserve online or call 1-800-933-PARK. Click here for park fees.

LOCATION: Staunton River State Park is 18 miles east of South Boston. Take U.S. 360 to Route 344. Follow Route 344 for 10 miles to the park, located southeast of Scottsburg, Va.

Drive Time

Northern Virginia, three and a half hours; Richmond, two hours; Tidewater/Norfolk/Virginia Beach, three hours; Roanoke, two hours

Directions click here


Published: 02/14/2012

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